Friday, November 02, 2012

This Day In Snookland...How Much Did We Pay To Lose 11,000 Jobs Last Month?


That was then (Feb 2012):

VICTORIA — Taxpayers are spending $15 million to advertise Premier Christy Clark’s jobs plan.

Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation Pat Bell said on Wednesday the government will spend $10 million running advertisements in foreign markets in hopes of attracting both jobs and investment to the province.

A domestic component of the jobs plan advertising campaign, which began across B.C. late last year, will continue in earnest in the months to come and will cost taxpayers a total of $5million, he added...

This was thenner (Oct, 2012):

On Saturday, BC Premier Christy Clark spoke to her party’s convention in Whistler, B.C. During the speech, she mentioned several times that B.C. was leading the country when it came to job creation.

For example, as the Vancouver Sun‘s Jonathan Fowlie reported, Clark said, “I’m going to run on (being) number one in job creation.” The Globe‘s Gary Mason, reporting on the speech,wrote, “As expected, there was lots of talk about recent job-creation numbers that ranked B.C. first in the country.” Dirk Meissner of the Canadian Press wrote: “She [Clark] said B.C. has created 57,000 jobs over the last year, more than any other province in Canada.”

That last claim is demonstrably false and the others are pretty wobbly too.Statistics Canada, said right here on October 5, the most recent and up-to-date snapshot of the country’s job creation numbers, that “over the last year” in B.C., there are 44,700 more full-time jobs, 15,100 fewer part-time jobs for a net gain of 29,500 more jobs. Where on earth does Clark get 57,000 new jobs created?

And, frankly, I’m a little surprised that all of these reporters just took Clark’s boast on its face rather than look it up and challenge her on the claim that that B.C is “number one in job creation.” ...

And this is now (Nov, 2012):

OTTAWA - B.C. suffered the biggest setback in job loss, while little changed in other provinces in October, according to Statistics Canada...

{snippety doo-dah}

...Regionally, there were as many provinces reporting increases in employment as decreases. The biggest gain was in Quebec, which saw 20,100 jobs added, while the biggest loss came in British Columbia, which reported 10,900 fewer jobs...


Didn't know that advertisements on the TeeVee = Policy and/or, you know, actual legislation.

I wonder if there will be a Friday afternoon faux-presser/big speech to the pom-pom waving faithful to announce this 'triumph'?

Backed with, of course, carefully planted PR fluff-puffery pieces that extoll us to believe that our (not) Premier is a 'fighter' and a 'change agent' who whose scrubs.....errrrr....'team' is really, really on to something.




G West said...

I notice Pat Bell is now questioning the 'figures' in the labour report.

You suppose we should award the minister the Jack Welsh cup?

RossK said...


Good grief.

I was hoping to not have to follow these people for the next 48 hrs.

Do they never stop making stuff up?