Friday, November 02, 2012

Michael Sona vs The CPC (ctd)...The Challenges Begin


There was an interesting tidbit at the bottom the Laura Payton's follow-up to Michael Sona's interview with Evan Solomon over at MoCo Central.

It starts like this:

...Sona said that Nick Kouvalis, a strategist with the firm Campaign Research, which does polling and brand management for Conservative politicians, was in the office (of Marty Burke's CPC Guelph Campaign) between eight to 12 times during the campaign. Records show the firm billed Burke's campaign for $6,215 for voter identification services and for a robocall to recruit volunteers...

And to Ms. Payton's credit she got Mr. Kouvalis to respond:

...Kouvalis, however, disputed Sona's assertion, saying on Twitter that he was in the riding one night during the writ period for debate preparation, then once more three nights later to watch the debate.

"That's it," Kouvalis tweeted...

Interesting, that apparent difference, no?

Meanwhile, the McMaherTwins continue to pushback against Brian Lilley and the fine folks at Sun(notquitereally)News, first with a Tweet. and then with an O'Cit BlogPost.....



North Van's Grumps said...

One more "Meanwhile" is in order here RossK:

"Grant-Cusson responsible communication"

"The responsible communication defence: What's in it for journalists?" which is contained withing your last link... O'Cit BlogPost.... O'Cit being Ottawa Citizen.

RossK said...

Excellent point and well worth considering.

Thanks NVG.