Thursday, November 01, 2012

My Morning Ride....The Tenenbauming


I ride across a good swath of Vancouver everyday, from the near Eastern townships in the 30's to the far Western edge of Pt Grey.

And back.

Last night, because I left a little early to go home during rush hour in the rain, I stayed off the mainstreets and, Bing Thom's trick-or-treat map to the contrary, I didn't see one kid in a costume with a candy bag until I had crossed the Shaughnessy hump on Nanton (although, to be fair, it was coming down pretty hard then)...After that there was a steady trickle that built to a torrent when I turned left off Ontario in front of the rubble that was once Riley Park Community Ctr....And by the time I got to the stretch of the 31st ave. bike route that runs beside Mountain View Dead People's Park it was a raging river of gaggling goblins.  Was really striking actually.

And this morning on the way back across town?


I'm telling you...The whole city looked like a windswept grey, washed-out golden-brown, jittery-eyed red-poked, and yet slightly hopeful, set of a Wes Anderson movie.

Or some such thing.



lenin's ghost said...

all the leaves are brown,
and the sky is grey

RossK said...


Most definitely.