Thursday, July 31, 2014

This Evening In Snookland...If A Sparkle Pony Falls In The Forest...

....Will Anybody Hear?

Brent Jang posted up the latest story of a pullout in the pony patch  on the Globe's website earlier today:

Apache Corp. is exiting the Kitimat LNG project in British Columbia, leaving co-owner Chevron Corp. rushing to find a new partner to keep plans alive for exporting liquefied natural gas from Canada to Asia...

{snippety doo-dah}

...Kitimat LNG, one of the “Big Three” projects envisaged for British Columbia, has been put on shaky ground as a result of Apache’s pullout. It’s also a setback for the dreams of B.C. Premier Christy Clark’s government for a resource boom that is supposed to propel the province to new economic heights...

Paging Ms. Martin...


Meanwhile, the soft-peddle from that TeeVee reporter with all of that  'established credibility'  around here  continues. This time in the public (but no comments generated) prints:

Not a week goes by, it seems, that doesn’t see Premier Christy Clark talk, yet again, about the vast riches that lay in B.C.’s path if only a liquefied natural gas industry gets off the ground in this province.

It’s a theme that began before the last election, and one that helped carry her to a surprising victory with the voters. People seem to at least want to believe the fairy tale-like talk about billions of dollars coming our way, to help eliminate the provincial debt and even the sales tax...

Fairy tales?


One can't help but wonder if the 'people' would still believe in such things or if the election might have turned out differently if the 'established credibility' crowd that the good Mr. Keith Baldrey apparently belongs to had made like the 'idiot bloggers' and called out the Sparkle Pony Delusion for what it truly was and still is way back when?

Report on the Snooklandian attempt at deflector spin to counter this in the proMedia maw to follow...



Anonymous said...

Welcome to tarfu

Blog has street cred not so much pro media/msm

Anonymous said...

Interesting that some media produced a huge photo-op with Christy Clark just a month ago " Christy Clark took a tour of the Kitimat LNG site, and took photos with workers to promote the project."
So where is the photo-op with Christy talking about a major player pulling out ?
I did see aughn Palmer incorporate the announcement into his piece on the $40 @ day story.

Will the MSM including Palmer, Baldrey etc.... ask Christy about this latest development ? My guess is NO.

Guy in Victoria

sd said...

The $40 dollar a day just happens to be announced the same day Apache pulls out? Hmmm....

Hugh said...

It takes energy to:
1. Frack the natural gas out of the ground.
2. Pipe the gas to Kitimat.
3. Cool the gas into LNG.
4. Ship the gas 7,000 km to Asia.
5. Turn LNG back into natural gas.

I wonder if the end-use energy is less than the energy required to produce and transport the product.

RossK said...


Does the true cost matter to the folks producing it if they are going to get a massive tax break/subsidy?

I'm still waiting for someone (paging Mr. Horgan) to step up with a plan do something like you suggested and build real infrastructure in British Columbia to make use of the gas.