Sunday, August 10, 2014

This Day In Snookland...We're Shocked, Shocked We Say...

...To Learn That Ms. Clark Is Involved In Pay To Play!

Isn't it interesting that now, after the Mt. Polley mine disaster, the Lotuslandian proMedia has suddenly decided to make a big deal about the fact that mine owner Murray Edwards raised a whole bunch of really big money for Christy Clark and friends before the last election?

The thing is, as Bill Tieleman noted back in the day, this was all known back in the fall of 2012 when Ms. Clark began her most excellent trips to Calgary so that she could just start 'saying anything' in front of the cameras while she courted the big money boys in the back rooms.

And, interestingly, bloggers with no established credibility noted how differently Ms. Clark's antics were viewed on each side of the Rockies.

Here is what we had to say at the time:

Remember this bit of devastating analysis of our (not) Premier in the wake of her most excellent, chumpier-than-thou, trillion dollar adventure in Alberta from the Calgary Herald's Don Braid:

"(Ms. Clark) is, by a wide measure, the most inconsistent, self-contradictory and desperate politician in Canada."


While he may be a couple of days late, Vaughn Palmer, using a whole lot of reports from other newspapers as his fodder, offers up his own analysis in the Vancouver Sun:

"Rather than indulging her penchant for hyperbole, Clark would be wiser to focus single-mindedly on getting even one (LNG) terminal signed sealed and delivered."

See the difference?



We bloggers sure are whiny and sanctimonious for making such a fuss about the kid gloves that the most inconsistent and self-contradictory politician in Canada is treated with by the proMedia around here, especially given the demonstrable consequences, aren't we?




Don F. said...

Interesting development, wouldn't want anyone deciding to do there own investigating would we?

RossK said...



And as I mentioned to Kim on the last thread...

That sure is a large exclusion triangle they've got going there.


Don F. said...

Of course we of limited intelligence and lesser comprehension abilities should at least understand that this is all best left to the much superior and sophisticated minds of say Bill the ultimate redneck Bennett, or Christy the ultimate dropout Clarke, or female Rich Coleman impressionist Mary Polak!
Shame on us for not seeing!

I keep hearing a line from Mark Knopfler "Darlin are we in trouble now!"

sd said...

Anonymous, thanks for the heads up on Seattle P.I. article. Of course that article would never have made the msm here in corrupt B.C. I hope Alaska learns from our corrupt government practices.

Alison said...

As per Tieleman, N. Murray Edwards held a fundraiser for Cluck at the Calgary Petroleum Club in October 2012, but there was also one in October 2011 as well :

From: Ken Boessenkool []
Sent: October 14, 2011 9:30 AM

Subject: Premier Christy Clark Oct 20th Calgary Fundraising Reception

I hope you will join me at this fundraiser for BC Premier Christy Clark.

Reception with Premier Christy Clark
You are invited to a reception with the Honourable Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia.

October 20th, 2011
5:00 – 6:30 pm Reception

The Calgary Petroleum Club
319 Fifth Avenue South West

$500 per ticket

If you have not already done so, please email to reserve tickets.

Michele Cadario

Fundraising Director BC Liberal Party

Pro-media link to Christy's 2011 fundraiser junket

Anonymous said...


Commenters here and there keep raising the BC Greens as the great saviours of BC in waiting.

Those with memories, know about the on the down-low double-dating the Griberals enjoyed during the last election...the Sterk cover girl ad in the Vict Times being a case in point....
What I'd like to know, is if the Greens were required to report that as a donation?

Don F. said...

There is a very brave fellow in a wheel chair up there now who is about to confront these people.
His name is David Clow, I am following him on Facebook.
Everybody should pay attention to this guy!!!

Anonymous said...

According to Christy and bullshit bill the water meets or exceeds provincial standards and since the tailing pond is now empty wonder where the danger lies? Or could there be a hidden agenda to limit the political fallout from the liberals friends MASSIVE disaster that should have NEVER happened?

Anonymous said...

Were political campaign donations the root cause of this.?

if the NDP had won would this have ever happened.?

US will sue the new mine- just like the Trail BC lawsuit on Columbia river cross boarder.

CA sued BC/Powerex?BChydro for almost 1 Billion and BC settled.

Anonymous said...


@3:02 The NDP were thrown some filthy lucre from Imperial and others...crumblettes in comparison, but they need to show some leadership and do things differently...

Anonymous said...


This from Mary Polak on CKNW :

Environment Minister Mary Polak says she’s heard the public’s concerns about mining safety before the tailings pond disaster took place, and wants anyone who knows anything to come forward.
That’s one of the things that we’re looking at very closely. The information around the level of inspection, and number of inspections is now out there and has been posted; we have looked at that. There doesn’t appear to be any decline in the rate of inspection for that mine.”

WARNING: Please just call Mary don't step anywhere near the disaster site.

Guy in Victoria