Monday, September 08, 2014

#BCED Update...A Side-By-Side Comparison Of The Two Positions Worth Looking At.


The comparison, of what the BCTF's and the BC Liberal Government's positions were, and what they appear to be now, has been made by a teacher and a parent who has a new blog up called 'Thinking Out Loud'.

Here is what they have to say on the matter:

...After 3 months of passionately fighting for something that I truly believe in, I am so tired of hearing people call teachers greedy. I am not greedy. None of us who are willing to give up our salary are doing it because we are greedy. in the spirit of full disclosure I studied the government (AKA BCPSEA) and BCTF proposals and I researched a little more to understand why some proposals are on the table. I created a detailed document that outlines the proposals on both sides. Have a gander at this document and then please, tell me why you think I am greedy...

The side-by-side comparison, which really is worth having a look at in light of recent developments, is here.


Of course, you can discuss, and even argue with, the points made in the comparison all you want...In fact that is something we should all be doing...But what I find amazing (and extremely distressing) is the fact we we have not seen such a comprehensive analysis of the nuts and bolts of the situation in the Lotuslandian proMedia...



Anonymous said...

Day 86 of teachers strike/lockout.?

Anonymous said...

Well now this will make you shake your head in disbelief ....

Here is a Press Release From Christy Clark today:

Premier Christy Clark has announced she will be heading to India for a trade mission and will be gone from October 9th until 18th for face to face meetings.
As part of the BC Jobs Plan, Clark will head out on her sixth international trade mission. Along will the Premier will be Advanced Education Minister Amrik Virk and a group of delegates. The meetings will take place in New Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh with business and government officials.
Virk will also travel to Bangalore to raise awareness for secondary and post-secondary education partnerships and student exchange between B.C. and India.
This trade mission will focus on a number of key areas including education, natural gas and other resources, agrifoods, clean technology, life sciences, film and the arts."

Education ?? That's right. Will Christy return with more "MOU's" or announce another 10 million dollar Bollywood show.

Guy in Victoria

e.a.f. said...

If people think the teachers are "greedy" they ought to have a look at the Premier's expense accounts when she and her "crew" travel. It really is amazing. We pay for her "vacation" and one in five kids live below the poverty line in this province. What exactly is going to come from this "vacation" in India? Not much, but it sure gets Christy the hell out of dodge.

Great information on the other website.

RossK said...

Thanks for that Guy.

I think.



Hard to disagree with you.