Friday, September 05, 2014

Six Minutes And Fifty-Two Seconds Of Baseball Bliss.


It's Bob Feller.

That's 90 year old Bob Feller pitching to Paul Molitor, Bobby Grich and Steve Findlay.

And yes, that's the human vacuum cleaner, Brooks Robinson at third.

And everybody's favourite hono(u)rary Canadian, The Spaceman, the ghost of Expos past, incarnate, is out there too lurking, surprisingly enough, in right field.
Tip O' The Toque to the always fantastic '90 Feet Of Perfection'.



G West said...

Molitor looks good enough to suit up for this season's Jays!
Thanks Ross.

RossK said...

You bet GW--

'Cept this was 2009...The last time Rocket Bob pitched in the Hall Of Fame Father's Day Game. He passed away the next year.

Too bad we couldn't actually see the Spaceman's carnival catch in right field.