Thursday, September 04, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The History Lesson.


Home school edition....

From way back in the mists of time (i.e. February of this year), courtesy Mr. Mason of the Globe:

...For a few weeks now, Ms. Clark and Education Minister Peter Fassbender have vigorously been denying comments made in a recent B.C. Supreme Court judgment stating that in 2011 the provincial government tried to provoke a strike with the B.C. Teachers’ Federation to create the social environment necessary to impose legislation on teachers. The bill inhibited previously negotiated rights and privileges won by the BCTF.

Underlying the plan was the notion that if the teachers went on strike, it would upset the public, which would then side with the government in its intent to force the legislation on teachers.

As recently as this Tuesday, Ms. Clark said this was not true. Her Education Minister refuted it again on Wednesday. But those denials look incredibly shaky in light of the documents released by the NDP that were widely quoted by the party during Question Period.

The documents focus on testimony given in court by the government’s chief negotiator in contract talks with the BCTF – Paul Straszak. In that testimony, Mr. Straszak talks about the tools the government had at its disposal to “increase the pressure on the [BCTF] to escalate the strike.”

Mr. Straszak is asked on the stand: “So your objective as government was to increase the pressure on the teachers to have them go out on a full-scale strike? Is that correct?”

His answer: “We – yes. I’ll say that’s correct.” As bad, Mr. Straszak says he briefed the Premier’s deputy, John Dyble, on the strategy ahead of a meeting with the provincial cabinet. Mr. Straszak also talked about the tools that were available to apply that strike pressure, such as cancelling teacher leaves and restricting funding to school districts.

So this allegation no longer resides in the realm of hearsay or in the mind of a Supreme Court judge. This is the government’s chief negotiator with the BCTF talking about a plan to put tens of thousands of kids out of school to fulfill the government’s political agenda...

How's that for a teachable moment for those 'professionals' covering the 'Say Anything' Premier who talks about massages 'n things while she pretends to, but won't actually, negotiate.

In good, or any other type of, faith.




cfvua said...

I also found this most ironic at a time well....she is provoking a longer strike. Not a peep on
Our local media up north about it either.

Anonymous said...

sneaky once again.?

Anonymous said...

Ross, I can't understand how these deceitful characters can make such bold-faced lies and not expected to be challenged. I guess we all know the answer....Main Stream Media are not doing their jobs. They save that for any left of centre governments.