Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quick Wins...The Forgetting.


By now, most British Columbians who care to pay attention know that a former high-ranking staffer in the office of the Premier, and a longtime BC Liberal Party stalwart, Mr. Brian Bonney, has been charged with offences under the Elections Act.

After all, this event was duly reported in the Lotuslandian proMedia, right?

And in some of those reports there were even veiled allusions to a connection to the Quick Wins imbroglio that roiled the Premier's office a few months before the last general election.

But, interestingly, except for Bob Mackin's report in The Tyee, I have not seen any detailed discussion of what can be found in the heart of the charges, specifically as they relate back to a high profile event that arose in the wake of the big imbroglio that everybody seems to have forgotten about since.

So, let's go back and have a focussed look at Count 1, shall we:

...Brian Ashly BONNEY... {snip}...did make a political contribution...{snip} directing Sepideh Sarrafpour to work on the campaign of Dennis Marsden in the 2012 Port Moody-Coquitlam by-election...


Who is Ms. Sarrafpour (who is the Whistleblower here), particularly as her story relates to 'Quick Wins'?


Given that the local proMedia, in all of their wisdom, not to mention their 'established credibility' has chosen so far not to tell us in the last few days, shall we go into our own 'idiot blogger' archives and have a look?

Here is our post from July 16th, 2013, written AFTER the last general election AND long after the highly circumscribed Dyble  'investigation' into Quick Wins was complete:


Earlier today we noted that Christy Clark stood on the steps of the Legislature and said that the Email that instructed various and assorted sundry agents in her government to, essentially, bribe a former government employee was never acted upon.

Thus, once again, the Premier of British Columbia was claiming 'no harm no foul'.

Except, this evening Cassidy Olivier of The Province followed up on a  Global Tee-Vee interview with the following:

...Sepideh Sarrafpour, a former government liaison contractor and one-time honorary liaison to former multiculturalism minster Harry Bloy, confirmed to the Province that she was the person referenced in a government email the subject of heated debate this week.

“Yeah it is me,” Sarrafpour told The Province Tuesday. “They were talking about me.”...

{snippety doo-dah}

...Sarrafpour would not elaborate on what information she had that would be damaging to the premier or the party when contacted by The Province. And, in an interview with Global B.C. that aired Tuesday, she denied every being offered money.

Yet in the same interview, she confirmed that she did, at one point, meet with Bloy and a job was offered....



Nothing for the Lotuslandian proMedia to see there (or report, or discuss in detail) in the context of the recent charges, charges that have arisen in the wake of an investigation, led not by the good Mr. Dyble (and what he chose not to investigate), but instead by a Special Prosecutor who was appointed after Adrian Dix went to the authorities with additional information we have not yet seen in detail.


Again, this post is not intended to impugn the words, actions or deeds of Ms. Serrafpour in any way. In fact, based on her words, actions and deeds so far, it is my opinion that Ms. Serrafpour is one of the heroines of this story...Instead, the post was written to point out that, once again, it appears that the Lotuslandian proMedia is failing to connect the dots on a story of import for all British Columbians regarding who is running this province (and how they are running it)...



Anonymous said...

rcmp not involved?Why?

RossK said...


That's where the SP comes in.


North Van's Grumps said...

RossK your link to "following" via Olivier is broken, Page Not Found @

However there's this link:

RossK said...

Thanks NVG--

They're always moving them around.


RossK said...

'tis actually a different, later follow-up story from COlivier of The Province...I'll put a link up to it in the post-post notes.


Unknown said...

My feeling here is that the situation resulting in these two charges is not the main focus of the investigation brought on by additional info supplied by Adrian Dix and resulting in the appointment of the SP (who is apparently not a tamed seal like Dyble). This is why the SP could afford to lay these charges without jeopardizing the rest of his investigation. Remember he gave a timeline of 2015. Plenty of time to overturn a lot of scandal laden rocks. This would explain why there is a pro-Liberal cone of silence. They're probably dreading what is coming next. Voyage to India anyone?

North Van's Grumps said...

LinkedIn on Brian Bonney seems to be a fairly common name so "our" Brian Bonney preferred to make a distinction of his being the Mr. Right (honourable) Brian Bonney by inserting his middle name, using the Letter A for "Ashley".

However, BrianABonney was taken??? so he inserted an extra letter, one that would be indicative of where he saw his future laying in wait, Attorney General of British Columbia:

Twitter BrianAGBonney

Anonymous said...

The Precious???

By hook or by crook???

Anonymous said...

Gerrymandering the gerrymander?
What's next bid rigging.?

RossK said...

Mark M--

I don't disagree one little bit.