Sunday, September 14, 2014

#BCED....Apparent 'Statement' Of 'BC Parents Federation'.



Double-Secret Probation Update: 7:45pm Sunday Sept 14/14...The group's website has been disappeared.

Updated 4:50pm Sunday Sept 14/14...What purports to be the 'BC Parents' Federation website now has a slide show (apparently of the "BC Parents' Alliance", note different name, apparently at a different rally on Sept 07/14)...They also say that they have '30' members...Link is....Here.

The 'BC Parents Federation' was, according to CBC News, the counter demonstration group at today's public education rally in downtown Vancouver. 

The following is an apparent 'statement' from the group, posted on, that links to the same empty website that we noted in our earlier post on this matter:

BC Parents’ Federation
Sept. 14 2014
Statement of BC Parents' Federation

Under the BC School Act, students' entitlement to education is a right. Today, this right has been blatantly violated. Because of the teachers’ strike, more than 500,000 students have been locked out of school causing great disruption to public schools. Not only has the strike impacted students and parents in BC significantly, it has also incurred great financial loss to over 13, 000 international students.

We, parents of British Columbia, urge BC Teachers' Federation to put students first and end the strike immediately. We request that BCTF allow students and teachers return to school while engaging in negotiation or mediation with the government. Don’t let the teachers who want to teach have no one to teach! Don’t let the students who are eager to learn have no school to go to!

We respect the teachers’ reasonable requests to the government. However, we ask that BCTF stop using students as pawns or its bargaining chips. We believe that any negotiated contract with the government should be settled without preventing the students from receiving education NOW or in the future.

Web Site:

Question now is....If you mow this grass is there any aroma to be found?

Update Postcript...YouTube link to the 'slide show' of the differently named 'BC Parents' Alliance', which currently has zero subscribers is....Here.



Lew said...
Expiry date: 2015/07/06
Updated date: 2014/07/01
DNSSEC: Unsigned

Registrar name: In2net Network Inc.
Registrar number: 571481

Registrant name: Disability Resource Centre Corp.

Administrative contact
Name: George Meier
Postal address:
Richmond BC V6X 2A9 Canada
Phone: 604-232-2404
Fax: 604-232-2415

RossK said...

Thanks Lew--

Now we're waiting for NVG to do his stuff.


Anonymous said...

This is funded by the same gov't it is trying to defend.

Anonymous said...

Here is their FB page:

Someone on BC Voters supporting teachers page said: "This is Burnaby Parents Voice. The ones that ran a campaign against the anti homophobia policy in Burnaby. Charter Lau, Balinda Bia and Long Xiu were all seen at events today."

I can't verify this info personally. It was on the groups' feed.

Anonymous said...

I tweeted them directly to ask if they were part of Richmond Centre for Disability and the webpage disappeared. So busted!

Anonymous said...

nothing really disappears from the internet.


Anonymous said...

A little more -

A search of that FB page shows the following phone number


A search of that number comes up with this page:

Specifically this entry:

February 20 – May 22, 2013: She.Lee.Music is excited to be providing music therapy for the SDC Blue Ribbon Foundation “After School Connection” program. Sheila will be running music therapy sessions for youth with special needs ages 9-15 at the Richmond Centre for Disability.

SDC ASC Music Therapy S2013

The Foundation is run by a group of dedicated teenagers who are determined to enable their voices and actions to enact positive changes. Each participant with special needs will be paired up with a high school buddy during the after-school program. The program runs on Wednesdays from 3:45-5pm starting Feb. 20th. Click here to view the poster in detail or to register, contact Tom at the RCD to register: 604-247-1899 or email

Yup, that'd be the same Tom Tang.


RossK said...




Anonymous said...

FB link is now dead. Apparently,they don't like organisations and such having user profiles.

Anonymous said...

Greetings - Mike Watkins from Twitter here.

Parent's Voice reincarnated.


I see minds thinking alike here. Earlier I checked out both RCD Richmond and - both trace to the same data centre. Two different servers - one running Apache, the other Microsoft - but same data centre.

That was enough to look more closely - and here is the link showing IS RCD Richmond's web property.

Mr. Tang is their web guy.


I'm preparing a document with the linkages to send to the board of directors and their liaison directors at the City of Richmond. I don't think this will go over well at any level there.


Anonymous said...

Who is Tom Tang?

RossK said...

Thanks Mike!


Mr. Tang identified himself as the 'spokesman' for the counter protesters called the BC Federation of Parents at the public education rally in downtown Vancouver earlier today.

This is detailed ....Here.


North Van's Grumps said...

Wayback Machine*/

August 24, 2014 Bio for Mr. Tang:

Tom Tang

IL Program Administrator
Web Master & Technical Support

IL Program Administration, Office Security & Safety Officer, Website Maintenance, Database Management, Network & Technical Support

RossK said...


Knew you'd come through!



Anonymous said...

FYI I sent a letter to the Exec Director of RCD.

Mr. Tang, if you are reading this I think you can be expected to be questioned about your actions. It was a pretty simple trail to follow so there won't be any arguing that you aren't culpable.

I simply laid out the facts in my letter, I did not call for Tang's head - quite the contrary I'm sure RCD can use this as a learning experience.

However I did point out to them the risks Tang exposed them to ranging from legal (privacy concerns) to reputation and running afoul of CRA and funding governments. I left them with something else to ponder that I'll keep private for now in case Tang is reading.

Finally I was serious when I commented in my letter that I respect Tang's right to hold and express a political opinion. But he shouldn't be doing that on the back of a publicly funded registered charitable organization.

Tang, it appears, is like many on the right - rules are apparently not made for them.

I'd love to hear from Tang directly to find out why he thought it was ok to barge into an Education love-in. It's a fine tactic if the strategy is to disrupt a positive message (almost worked too) but it's not a tactic that I'd expect a political novice to figure out given he is apparently so dumb as to host his fledgling political action group's web page on his employer's server AND domain.

People in my business would be summarily fired for what Tang did, no matter that it was a minor incident in the grand scheme of things.

Anyway... that's all I have for now.

RossK said...

Thanks Anon--

That you MW?


Anonymous said...

They have NO WEB SITE and It sounds like more like a Radical "christian" group that Pushes their beliefs/agenda !!!!

Anonymous said...

*** and Tom Tang ( Leader ) sounds very ??? doesn't explain himself that well and very Forceful with his sect etc

Michael Watkins said...


RCD fully aware of situation as is their extensive board of directors and select media.

I've been assured by Exec Director that they are taking steps to prevent another occurrence, and to ensure policy is followed in the future.


North Van's Grumps said...

Could it be that the BCPF is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Government of China's Consulate?

Vancouver Sun:
Officials from the Chinese Consulate in Vancouver met recently with Education Ministry officials to express concerns about the teachers' strike, which has delayed the start of the school year by nearly two weeks, with no end in sight.

Several Chinese parents asked the consulate to intervene, consulate officials said. They added that they met with B.C. officials on Friday to "relay the concerns of the parents to local administrators."

Did BC Government Officials send the Chinese Consulate officials packing or did they tell Consulate officials how to arrange a protest on Canada's Charter rights's Freedom of Association?

Anonymous said...

The group at the rally was against the BCTF, the federation, so the formed their own federation, BCPF.

RossK said...

Thanks for the update Mike