Sunday, September 14, 2014

Twittmachine Feed With Different Name Now Asking Folks To 'Come Join Us' (i.e. the #BCED Counter Protesters)



 Update: 7:45pm Sunday Sept 14/14...The group's website has been disappeared.

Earlier today, a group calling itself the 'BC Parents Federation' mounted a counter demonstration that was covered by the CBC, mostly from the point of view of the kerfuffle that apparently ensued (i.e. proMedia...'Shiny!'). 

As a result, I did a little digging into their meagre online presence of the group which appears to be somewhat circulatory and, in my opinion, obfuscatory.

Now there is a Twittmachine feed exhorting folks to come 'follow us' with a link back to the BC Parents Federation website:

The feed has a different name,  'Rally4Edu' (it's actually the third I've found associated with the 'group' today, the other is 'BC Parents Alliance).

The other recent Tweets on the feed are inflammatory in the extreme and appear to be reveling in a media deflector spin job well done:

It's all really quite bizarre to say the least.



North Van's Grumps said...

Where's Brian and Mark?

karen said...

Wow. I'm not a tweeter, but I went over and stalked that profile. If I were a member of that group, (which I could never be because they appear to be opposed to actual public education), I would ask to have someone MUCH more mature run its social media.

RossK said...


It all appears to be very amateur.

Which just goes to show that you don't have to even have pros like the two fine fellows NVG mentioned to get the media to bite on codswallop like this.

Weirdly, the original MoCo correspondent who bit (who did a much better job than members of the herd that have followed), did respond on the Twittmachine but she didn't seem all that interested in doing the actual digging it would take to get to the bottom of this...I hope I'm wrong about that.


Anonymous said...

Amateur, immature and quite frankly slightly unhinged. In my humble opinion.