Friday, September 05, 2014

The Keef Report...Conflation Nation.


Sure thing, Keef.

But, if I remember correctly, it was Ms. Clark who first raised the massage issue out of nowhere.


Was it Mr. Iker who first raised the lockout issue?

I think not.

Previous editions of the Keef Report can be found...Here.



ron wilton said...

'Keef' is yesterday's man doing yesterday's news.

MSM gets yesterday's news a day late from bloggers and reprints or broadcasts it a day later.

MSM is dead man walking.

Anonymous said...

teacher lockout delay=diversion from mine and pipeline/hydrocarbon and ALR zoning relaxing etc.?Bad news Friday press releases and or piggyback on other news items?

G West said...

How do you suppose the Keefer will change his twits now that the union's upped the ante and agreed to BINDING arbitration?

RossK said...


Probably blame it on Iker not telling Fassbender ahead of time.

Or some such thing.