Saturday, September 13, 2014

This Day In Snookland...They're On To Us!


Charlie Smith has written a very important column in the GStraight in which he explains how the BC Liberals operate to obfuscate everything digitally by flinging the propaganda fast and furious.

This is then backed by spokesmodels like, say, Mr. Fassbender, who are instructed to say anything to the proMedia they have instant access to because the wizards that run the war rooms know that the codswallop will gum up the works and the spokesmodels will never be called on it because the proMedia will always play nice, for all kinds of reasons ,including the fact that they don't want to be shut out of future spokesmodel appearances and interviews.


Of course, anybody who stops by a place like this already knows that this is the way things really work 'round here.

So, given that, why is what Mr. Smith wrote important?


Because it shows the proMedia how it could actually make the obfuscation and codswallop worthless if they would just call the perpetrators on it.




There is one small thing I don't agree with in Mr. Smith's column...Specifically, he suggests that the teachers would do better if they took up similar spin strategies...I disagree entirely...While the teachers efforts may lack polish and media savvy and all that crap (which, of course, can raise the ire of the usual suspects) it, in large part, truly reflects what teachers really think and believe...And even if it is sometimes slightly misguided and messy, I'll take that over deliberate propaganda and obfuscatory bullshit every time...OK?
And, just for the record, I think the kinds of rapid response efforts that Mr. Smith talks about happening to GStraight polls, likely happened over at Laila's place last weekend...



ron wilton said...

Think you might find this interesting.

RossK said...

Thanks Ron.

Very interesting piece from Mr. Greenwald.


spartikus said...

Specifically, he suggests that the teachers would do better if they took up similar spin strategies...I disagree entirely

You don't have to spin to be media savvy. You just have to know how to phrase your arguments so the other side can't nitpick. Whether that be on fact, or as is so often the case with these things, on tone.

Which may be a subtle distinction, but it is one.

Anonymous said...

As of Oct 1st, Canada will be an occupied country. Chairman Mao Harper has given Canada to Communist China. China has already interfered in the Teachers strike.

Communist China will occupy Canada for, a minimum of 31 years. We of course know? We will never get that country, out of ours. They polluted and fouled their own country. Now China will foul ours.

I have no idea why, Harper isn't in prison as a traitor, doing acts of treason. Hopefully, everyone can see what the opposition is doing about this takeover. Absolutely nothing.