Monday, September 08, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Conflictyness Down On The Farm?


Mark Hume, in the Globe, wonders if the BC Liberal government's conflict commissioner, the good Mr. Fraser, left something out of his decision to exonerate former agriculture minister Pat Pinn for his intervention in the workings of the Agricultural Land Commission awhile back:

A report by B.C.’s Conflict of Interest Commissioner examining former agriculture minister Pat Pimm’s involvement in a farmland decision makes it clear he did nothing wrong.

But to get to that exoneration Commissioner Paul Fraser appears not to have considered the full political backstory. And he dismisses as unwarranted the concerns of Richard Bullock, chair of the Agricultural Land Commission...

{snip}...(Conflict Commissioner) Fraser said he found nothing inappropriate about Mr. Pimm representing a constituent as that’s an MLA’s job.

The report, however, plays down the fact that Mr. Pimm wasn’t just any MLA. He was an MLA with a history of battering the ALC and within a week would become the minister of agriculture, with plans to dismantle the ALC...

It's a good piece by the ever diligent Mr. Hume.

But one thing that Hume did not mention is that, for family reasons, it is hard not to wonder if the Conflict Commissioner himself may have been forced to do his best to fight off occasional bouts of conflictyness recently.


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Anonymous said...

The Liberals can always find a good old supporter when it wants the right answers....... heck... just ask Christy's PR department

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

chekin the rolodex .?

cfvua said...

It is fun to watch our man Pimm as he steps in all things agricultural land related and comes up smelling terrible. Farmland to camp land, frac water ponds, roads, storage areas, truck/industrial shops etc etc. largest perceived requirement for land is in regional district as city taxes are viewed as being too high. Lots of land available inside most cities. Well connected developers own most fringe land that "has" to come out of the ALR.

Anonymous said...

must love super grizzly bear hunt.cuts down on domain area increasing fracking/development potential in BC?

G West said...

Pretty much said the same thing on the Tyee comment board a few days ago. Well done Mr Hume - it's always pleasant to see the MSM following the blogosphere even if it's a few days late.

Thanks Ross,