Thursday, September 04, 2014

The Keef Report...Averting Thine Eyes From The Lie.



When the Premier of this province once again just lets fly with a claim meant only to provoke that turns out to be a complete and utter falsehood...

Well, you know, that actually hurts the teachers.

Or some such bloody thing:

Interestingly, the tweet above was actually generated about three hours after the good Mr. Baldrey took a number of curtain calls for being #6,786th, or thereabouts, to report said falsehood from said Premier on the Twitmachine.
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Anonymous said...


Christy comes from the so when did you stop beating your wife? school of shameless opportunists.

mark mounce said...

I thought Christy Clark was completely ill at ease and unprepared for this news conference/infomercial. Fortunately she has qualified "journalists" like Baldrey to deflect for her when she stumbles

Lew said...

And who does Keef's unlimited message massages help?

Anonymous said...

trillion dollar LNG and unlimited massages.?

sd said...

I thought I heard keef defend her tweets last night on Global because people had called her "every name in the book". Wow, I have a few for the both of them, but one works the best .LIARS!