Monday, September 01, 2014

The Keef Report...The Strange Confluence Of The Tweets.


First, the teacher baiting of the Keef:

Next, the teacher baiting of the Premier:


Ms. Clark does know that running a province is a wee bit different than roiling up the callers while running fast and loose with the facts on a radio talk show and/or a Ledgie Boys segment.

Doesn't she?


And if you want to observe a real journalist try to get to the real bottom of things, go have a seven minute listen to Stephen Quinn's interview with BCTF VP Glen Hansman this morning (and yes, Mr. Quinn tried to get Mr. Fassbender on also, but the Minister said no...Guess the Pab-Bot deflector spin strategy  hadn't been fully crafted yet this morning because the word in the proMedia Clubhouse locker room is that Mr. F. will be everywhere this afternoon).

Paul Willcocks has a good post up on why the two sides positions have led to the retrenchment...Of course, I see a difference in the validity of the two positions which I'll try to articulate in a future post.
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Unknown said...

I can guarantee that if Sean Leslie is on air this afternoon then we'll all experience the soporific tones of Mr. Fassbender

G West said...

I've read a report that the BCTF took $125 million off the table at the last session and Cameron/Fassbender didn't bat an eye.
Don't expect anything from Christy - she and Keef are both imbibing Brad Wall's Dill Pickle vodka for the long weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yes it would seem BC is in quite a pickle right now.
Mid Sept BC debt will also reach 63 billion dollars debt,3 mil a day ,90 mil a month.
Oh but the budget is balanced.

Norm Farrell said...

21st century journalism:

Some "journalists" left the news media for employment exclusively in the public and government relations field.

Others found a way to do both and it works for everything but the art of journalism.

The media maintains the appearance of a news gathering operation without having to pay for a real one. The vested interests get their messages out with a stamp of independence. The hired gun gets to lunch and golf with the privileged and never has to dig for anything or offend any important person. Dividend cheques arrive regularly.

Anonymous said...

Christy Clark Should be addressing the public on the TV.
not on a twitter feed, address the people of this province and state what you are going to do about the dismal record of BC. being another number 1 in Canada... the only jurisdiction in the country with no public school starting in Sept.... the leg needs to re-convene and talk to the people
of this province... and
answer some question as to why teachers are not considered essential service
Is this what she ( C Clark )wants to be remembered for?
we really seem to be governed by people who are more interested in brewery tours 3000.00 dollar oyster lunches and massages, and twitter, everything but the awful state of this province

Anonymous said...

Well as if that's a neutral/unbiased stance from Keef, the news reporter. Isn't unbiased the way media is supposed to be, twitter or not? Sounds very much like totally on side with the government, as he is most of the time. Bad unions, bad teachers, that's the general sway when you listen or read much of the local media stuff right now. From how far away did we see this coming (predictable) that Clark would deflect and totally blame the teachers. I think actually the Gov't is getting worried (and for those who always try to help them, too) .. that's why the blame game and finger pointing.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder how the nurses bargaining is going also. Been way too quiet on this set of negotiations. Not on subject, but curious nonetheless.