Saturday, September 27, 2014

Last Week In Snookland...The Shrieking.


I didn't do it on purpose.

In fact, mostly, I was just so busy last week that I stayed away from the non-work, non-database portal-driven interwebz by accident.

As a result, day-by-day, an interesting thing started to happen.

Essentially, I really and truly noticed that I could feel my pre-internet brain coming back to life.


By Thursday I had even finished the Paul Auster book I bought back on our summer holidays when littler e. and I spent a luxurious hour or so rattling around in our favourite second-hand Berkeley bookstore while Bigger E. did her busking thing across the street in front of our old grocery store.


None of that meant that I could escape the caterwauling of the head Snooklandian entirely.

First it was a snippet on the radio of her almost gleefully (and politically expedient) announcing a desire to lock all the dungeon doors and throw away all of the keys on all of those terrible, evil bad people out there. This, of course, was executed in the wake of a terrible tragedy and it was clearly designed to attract the media herds (including national ones) in droves.

And then, yesterday, I heard her poo-pooing of the death of another herd of Sparkle Ponies when Petronas started making noises about the pulling out of the great LNG fantasy.



It is Saturday now.

And I've spent the early morning roaming the tubes.

So I'm back, I guess.

But I'm thinking of doing it in cycles.

Just like I do it with ice cream.


'Pre-Internet Brain'? you may be asking....Well, it's a Coupland thing...Smart-assed, sharp-eyed bastard...
By the way, for the record, I first read Microserfs, pretty much all in one all night go, back in the days when I really and truly did only use the interwebz for work...At that time I was lucky enough to be working in an American FedGov lab that was hooked directly into the backbone...
Regarding the dying off of the Sparkle Ponies...How come so few of the local water heads pontificating on the matter over the last newscyle or to have made it clear that Petronas is not the first to balk?



Hugh said...

LNG sparkle ponies don't want to pay royalties or taxes. They want to use TFWs. They want free water and cheap hydro power. They don't like our supposed high environmental standards. Well, they can piss off.

If BC does have 150 years of natural gas (which is debatable) I'm sure we can find uses for it here in BC:

-transportation fuel,
-generating electricity,

Bill said...

Welcome back Ross. A brain, pre-internet or post is better than no brain and we all would be better off with a break from the constant evil nonsense that is the current governing pirates.

We have a brainless, no shame, take no prisoners (git er dun, corporate friends not families first, win at all cost) 1% serving themselves and promising us plebs shiny sparkle ponies.

I really value all your posts and the informed commenters here. I need the truth serum of the internet here to counterbalance all the pro Snooklandian deflection. The daily toxic avalanche of deception, spin and blatant government is too much.

If I don't get my promised SPonies (I have already named them Hope and Integrity) it looks we will be stuck with our current junkyard dogs.

North Van's Grumps said...

Misters Kinder and Morgan (yes they are the two guys that are in the possession of the Enron ashes urn)... has assets worth $148 billion, of which Rich Kinder has 24% of the shares.

As to Christy Clark's Trillion Dollar royalty revenue election promise of 2013, .... RossK please INSERT "empty oil drum ROLL" .., one thousand times one billion in one trillion.

Petronas assets US$161.472 billion .

Lew said...

Speaking of the caterwauling of the head Snooklandian, I note that she is now urging the feds to change the designation of "Temporary Foreign Worker" to "Potential New Canadian". The "say anything" premier strikes again.

Just in time for her trip to visit 1,249,330,000 potential new Canadians in India next month. And why not? Nothing happening here to attract her attention except the opening of the Third Session of the Fortieth Parliament of British Columbia. But why would an elected MLA who just happens to also be the Premier of our province bother with that silly proceeding?

John's Aghast said...

Maybe she's thinking of trading US for 1.25 billion 'potential new Canadians'?

What else does she have to trade for?

RossK said...

Do not ever forget that true goal of the operation is the cronification of everything.

And dear leader (and former husband and third man and all that) are just willing tools and/or lobbyists for said cronies.


Anonymous said...

What does 7 days of work make weak
What is one of the 10 commandments.?
Why do we sleep.?To recharge

e.a.f. said...

The "sparkle ponies", are going to where all "sparkle ponies" go when the kids are tired of playing with them, the garbage. Like so many "sparkle ponies" they only sparkle for a little while and fade away.

P. wants to be able to extract the LNG and not pay any taxes, royalties, etc. They want to get it for free or better yet, have B.C. pay them to get it out of the ground, with of course foreign workers. Just watch them do it! The B.C. lieberals will get what they and theirs want. The rest of us can rotate.

Now as to the "throw away the key" routine, poor Christy needs to learn to read. Canada still has a constitution and it still has a Supreme Court. Of course that is inconvient for the Lieberals and their fellow travellers but until 1 Oct. this is still Canada and we still have the Rule of Law.

If people wanted something done about women being murdered in Surrey all they have to do is increase the number of RCMP officers and/or get their own police force. The few who do vote aren't going to want to have an increase in taxes, so women will just have to get used to dying.

At some point most get out of jail, even if they do very bad things. Now in some jurisdictions, the police alert the citizens and then have police officers "follow" the prospective re-offender. They usually start to do something they ought not to do, and get arrested. That costs money and the voters of Surrey just don't want to pay it.

If you had asked any of the protestors/politicians if they were willing to pay more for safer streets, the answer would have been an over whelming NO. People don't think it will be them. So they go out, protest, and go back to sleep until it happens again. Then its repeat as often as necessary.

Politicians like to talk about "tough" on crime, but fail to understand criminals do not stop to think about the ramifications of what they do. They don't stop to think, "I'll go to jail if I do this". longer sentences will not work. Prevention has always worked a tad better. In these types of cases, more police officers out and about, on foot, bikes, etc. would work oh so much better.

Surrey is geographically larger than Vancouver, has about the same population but oh so many fewer cops than Vancouver. You get what you pay for in this life. If you want safe streets you hire more cops to patrol them.