Sunday, September 14, 2014

#BCED.....Sandy Garossino Goes Where The ProMedia Fears To Tread.



That's right.

Ms. Garossino has actually summarized the evidence used by Justice Griffin when she ruled AGAINST the BC Liberal government the second time, with a front-to-back timeline and everything.

Her most excellent storification of the deal is....Here.

In my opinion, there are many damning aspects, against the government, in the timeline.

One of the most egregious, again in my opinion, is this one:


Meanwhile, Vince Ready had the two parties nose-to-nose until after midnight last night and, apparently, they are getting ready to get back together as I type this.



G West, Victoria said...

Hi Ross,
Can't seem to get the first link to it still active?

North Van's Grumps said...

RossK link broken

....Here. is not hot, it's ....Here.

Anonymous said...

Who said if its illegal we do right away
if its unconstitutional we take a little longer.?

1st link server not found

Anonymous said...

Hear Here RossK, if you made more intentional mistakes ....

Anonymous said...

RossK said...

Thanks all...

Sorry about that.

Link fixed.

There goes any and all established credibility.

(it's a weird blogspot thing actually...sometimes it pastes the text chosen back into the link instead of the URL...Maybe I should just do the HTML myself like in the old dinosaur days)


e.a.f. said...

that was a most entertaining read. Perhaps the government reps can't read.

RossK said...


Same could be said of a select group of Lotuslandian proPundits (and/or their editors) I reckon.


G West, Victoria said...

Thx Ross - credibility fine - link now intact grazie mille.