Sunday, September 07, 2014

#BCED...Does The Position of Mr. Fassbender And Mr. Cameron On The Binding Arbitration Question Even Make Sense?


From Cassidy and Cooper's very good story from late yesterday in The Province (whose lede I've kinda/sorta flipped)...

First, there was the position of Mr. Iker and the BCTF:

...Iker on Friday said issues relating to compensation — including salary and signing bonuses — benefits, and preparation time, would be the issues sent before an arbitrator. Issues relating to class size and compensation, including the government’s E80 clause, would be taken off the table pending conclusion of the government’s ongoing court appeal.

And then came the position of the Glimmer Twins:

...On Saturday Education Minister Peter Fassbender rejected the B.C. Teacher Federation’s proposal to enter into binding arbitration in the ongoing strike, and the government’s lead negotiator said there is no optimism a settlement is in sight...


But on Saturday afternoon Peter Cameron, lead negotiator for the British

Columbia Public School Employers Association, told reporters the BCTF’s proposal had too many stipulations, and the government simply will not budge on the union’s wage and benefit demands.

“When the BCTF says you are not moving, well they’re right,” Cameron, who advised Fassbender to reject the proposal, said. “The settlement on wages and benefits will be within the pattern of (other public unions) … the areas we are prepared to move on … is around class sizes, and particularly class composition.”...

Do you see what they did there?



Of course, what is really going down doesn't matter one wit to the Snooklandians.

Instead, it would appear that what they want now is a little time for the digital influencers, PAB-Bots, flying surrender monkeys and shillophants to do a little reality bending.

Or some such thing.

And, ya, I know it's Cassidy Olivier and Sam Cooper...I just liked the way it sounded while I typed it (in a Butch and Sundance-type way)...
Oh, and in case you missed it, the old labour reporter, Mr. Mickleburgh, halfway agrees with us re: the fly in the Dean's anti-arbitration argument ointment.



North Van's Grumps said...

Do you think, if Cameron wasn't the negotiator for Fassbender/Clark/BC Liberals, would the duly elected School Trustees of British Columbia .... settled long before children were LOCKED out by the BC Government?

Any word from those School Trustees? or would that be deemed partisan?

RossK said...


My opinion...?

The old BCSPEA board was fired precisely because it were making progress with the BCTF lo those many months ago in June of 2013 (i.e. one month after the Snooklandians won the election).


North Van's Grumps said...

And the Trustees are up for re-election/election. What better place for Fassbender/Clark/BC Liberal Party to allow taxpayers, voters, Parents to shout out their outrage?

Meanwhile, the "Party" is allowed to continue governing for another three years.


Anonymous said...

I've heard that Clark is preparing legislation to institute a voucher system in's meant to be revealed to the public round about the 23rd of the month - I suspect the last thing the government wants is a settlement of ANY kind prior to that release - which will be billed as 'the golden way' out of this problem providing 'choice' for parents.
I hope this is just a nasty rumour but????

Anonymous said...

Freeped. Cleared my cookies and voted a second time. Waiting for a real poll.

Nick S

Anonymous said...

I thought there was a recall out on Christy? This was regarding, the catastrophic dam burst at, Mount Polley mine. It was said, even Harper and Imperial Metals wear this one. Deregulating and greed is what happened to Mount Polley.

Oh and then there is Christy's election lies, her families first and the 100,000 jobs for the people of BC. The building of the LNG plant near Prince Rupert, was given to China. BC's ship building contract, was given to Poland. They are hacking down the, 400 year old Douglas Firs near Port Alberni. Who gets those raw logs? Mind you Harper did pay a visit to Vancouver Island. Not even BC's parks are safe from, the BC Liberals greed.

Do people recall? When Christy was Minister of Education? Christy is just another lying, thieving, cheating monster as Campbell was before her.

Ditzy Christy only has, a High School education. There is no way, she is running this province.

I support our Teachers. They are of a great value and worth our support. Christy Clark and her Liberal cabal, are worth nothing.

Anonymous said...

Of logs/ jobs

e.a.f. said...

clark and her cacklers don't want a settlement. They would rather keep the kids out of school for as long as they can. That way they can implement their new American style school system--vouchers and private schools all round. They started by giving parents $40 a day for kids under 13. Just wonder why they didn't give parents anything for teenagers, or perhaps the b.c. lieberals think education isn't required after 12. They can bring in foreign workers for the jobs that require education.