Thursday, September 18, 2014

Teachers I Have Known...Mr. O.


Mr. O. was my homeroom teacher in Grade 8.

The start of junior high school and all that.

He also was the first person to start me on the path to learning French badly as occurred back then in British Columbia secondary curricula (at least as I remember it - little conversation, all grammar).

But somehow Mr. O. made an impression on me because, when I was struggling with a problem that seemed monumental at the time (i.e. quitting rugby so I could play basketball - you'd have to know my family), he sat me down in his empty classroom and explained that if I wanted to play a dumb game with hoops (he, like my Dad, was a rugby player) that was fine by everybody, most importantly, me.

And he was right - when I told my Dad it was fine by him to.

I'm telling you....The stuff that goes on in a teenager's head.

One other thing....After we were done with the sports talk, Mr. O asked me what I really wanted to do with my life.

I remember not having a clue.

At least not then.

But I do remember thinking about it a little.

Good luck with your voting today teachers, no matter which way it goes!


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