Friday, September 05, 2014

#BCED...Another Lowly Blogger Takes On The ProMedia.



Actually, it is an academic, E. Wayne Ross.

But he does blog.

Here is the lede of his latest post:

In today’s editorial, “Fix Your Problems and Reopen Schools,” editors of The Province declared that the labour dispute between government and teachers in British Columbia is “pretty simple,”
"...the B.C. Teachers’ Federation wants more and the government says it can’t afford what the union wants. If neither side blinks, and with the government ruling out back-to-work legislation, schools could be closed for a very long time. What gets lost in the rhetoric are facts …"
But, in the name of getting to the facts, The Province ignores government rhetoric and attacks teachers’ concerns about class size based on a letter from a reader...

Mr. Ross then goes on to use math a little more nuanced than straight long division to demonstrate that the Province Edit  position is, essentially baseless.

It's yet another good, and important, read from one more of those folks that some feel have no credibility, established or otherwise.

The one time I almost flunked something as a kid was Grade 9 Math when I got lost in the vagaries of the distributive principle of multiplication and addition for awhile...Luckily a sharp teacher and my Dad pulled me out of it just in time...



North Van's Grumps said...

The latest from Peter Fassbender: "the government will not raise taxes to provide a settlement to one union beyond what other public sector unions have received." and "No to Arbitration"

Which means of course, if other public sector unions are working 37.75 hours per week, no overtime, why should teachers be putting in 60 to 80 hours of week. The answer of course, hire more teachers to work for 37.75 hours.

Alison said...

Christie Clark tweet :

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