Wednesday, September 03, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The Cost Of A Twitmachine Feed.



We now know, at least at first glance, how much that fake Snooklandian educational twitter feed is costing us:

And even if this is the real cost (who really knows with this bunch), lots of folks are outraged comparing this to how many teacher's salaries or classroom aides this would pay for.

Which is a legitimate point.

But the thing I find really interesting is that the Snooklandians clearly know that they cannot mount, on their own, a decent Twitmachine feed that people will go to on their own, without coercion.

In other words, they know they have to game the system to get any advantage.

Which I guess shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention.

The Minister responsible, he who never met a fact he wouldn't bend, says they had to do it to make sure parents go the right website to get the information they really need, etcetera, etcetera....Gosh...That sounds like that $20 million dollar 'Jobs' campaign that the Premier herself admitted was, essentially, designed to drive Facebook hits.
Subheader?....Well, you know....What's a lousy few hundred grand compared to the millions spent on a bogus Bollywood awards show bonanza which was watched by (not) billions.



Anonymous said...

isnt it free at the PAB?

Anonymous said...

Interesting read.

Anonymous said...

$335,000? WASTE of taxpayer's money yet again.

G West said...

Ah! Social media...I still have a kind of spidey sense that there has been, for quite a while now and in all kinds of different areas, an element of .... let's say 'media management' going on that has nothing whatever to do with papers, teevee and radio stations.
I mean, when you start out with stealing information from your own colleagues the next steps in that direction aren't too difficult to scale.

sd said...

I'm getting ready to hit the picket line at my school at 11:00 today. Factbender=Promisekeeper. Can you say creationist?