Thursday, September 18, 2014

Quick Wins Resurrection Shuffle...Another Thing That Was Not Mentioned In The Dyble Report.


After 'Quick Wins' broke BEFORE the last general election, Ms. Clark had her man John Dyble investigate the other men and women in her own office (i.e. the Office Of The Premier Of British Columbia) regarding the so-called 'hatching' of plans to do BC Liberal Party work inside both that office and the whole of the government of British Columbia.

Here is the 'spreadsheet' evidence of who was involved in the 'hatching'.

And here is when Mr. Dyble reported that the 'hatching' occurred:

"...Following the December 1, 2011 meeting (where the scheme was hatched by 11 people made up of 6 government employees, 4 BC Liberal Caucus employees and 1 BC Liberal Party employee), Mike Lee took the notes away and prepered on his work computer a first draft of the spreadsheet capturing the ideas and activites that were discussed in the meeting. The IT security investigation shows that the document was shared with Dave Ritchie, Executive Assistant to the Minister of State for Multiculturalism, and then Primrose Carson, the Executive Director of the BC LIberal Caucus. A draft of this spreadsheet is part of the materials released by the Official Opposition during the week of Februrary 25, 2013..."

Please note that was late 2011.

Please note that the by-election that led to the recent charges in the wake of Quick Wins took place in 2012. 

Please note that, as Bill Tieleman recently reported in The Tyee, that 2012 by-election was never mentioned in the Dyble Report that was released BEFORE the election in early 2013.

And what was that other thing that was not mentioned in the Dyble Report and only surfaced in a document dump AFTER the general election in the summer of 2013?

Why that would be that Email from one of the fine folks charged (and who was, it would appear, also named twice in that 'hatching' spreadsheet noted above) suggesting that an offer of an 'inducement' should be made to the whistleblower whose cooperation, it would also appear, likely contributed to the subsequent investigations by the authorities and the special prosecutor.


At least the trickiest of all tricky ones had the good sense to keep the plumbers in the basement.


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