Monday, September 08, 2014

#BCED Update...Harvey Oberfeld Goes Where Lotusland's Pro-Pundits Fear To Tread.


Harvey O says a lot in his latest blogpost.

I reckon this is the kicker:

...(J)ust think of the HARM (Premier Christy) Clark is doing to BC's children.

Make no mistake about it: denying them schooling will hurt the kids for a LOT longer than the dispute will last; breaking the union … which I believe is TRULY EMERGING AS THE GOVERNMENT’S REAL GOAL … would result in some of the WORST educational and class size standards in the country; and the crowded classes they government wants would not only hurt the kids with special needs, but also those with ESL needs … and the implications would NO DOUBT be suffered by every kid in every class in the province...

If you've really been paying attention it's hard to disagree with that, no?

The only place Mr. O. does not go is 'privatizationland'...But, in my opinion, that would a logical next step if things do turn out as he predicts if Ms. Clark and friends really do have their way with us.



Anonymous said...

But wait there's more?

motorcycleguy said...

not one of the communications I have had with this group of people purporting to be a political party (identified as BC
Liberals) has resulted in a demonstration of intellect required to privatise our education system....but ....I agree that is the intent. Who is tutoring them?

sd said...

I found an interesting article at Re Mapping Education. The article was called "Public Education in B.C. The Rise of the Shock Doctrine or Kindling for a Shock Proof Otherwise".

e.a.f. said...

I suspect the Shock Doctrine may well be what is at work here.

As pressure increases, the government may simply give each parent a sum of money and they can go find the "best" education they can for their child. They have taken the first step with their $40 a day.

The B.C. lieberals want the BCTF gone. Then they can focus on the health care and nurses unions again.

The Bilderberg group must be very proud of the B.C. lieberals.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the 30 Billion dollar debt added outsourcing p3 party.!

Construction(bridges etc) before children.?