Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hey....Look Who Is Not A Member Of 'The Club'.


The Lotuslandian proMedia Club, I mean...What with all its established credibility and all that.

Why it's former paid-up-in-full member Harvey Oberfeld.

Mr. O. thinks he has been kicked out of the club for two reasons.

Number one is entirely expected given our corporate times:

"...I supported the unionization of BCTV’s newsroom after their “new” management laid off/fired more than 40 workers; I also became union vice-president; and, was union spokesman during CEP’s 33-day strike..."

But, as for reason number two?

Well that's the real kicker:

"...(I)n retirement, on this blog, I have also DARED to criticize the media; the decline in quality; the sagging ratings; and the do-more-with-less results of decisions/actions by the corporate bean counters now running the business..."


What is this 'Club' you may be asking yourself?...Well, our dear, departed friend Ian Reid explained it all not long ago...



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Corporate media awards

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