Sunday, September 14, 2014

#BCED...A Screen Capture Of The Disappeared Counter Protesters' Website



Update, 10pm Sunday Sept 14/14....Some dot connecting re: The Website and how it may have come to be in the comments....Here.
Thanks to our old friends G.A.B. and N.V.G. as well as Mike Watkins from the Twittmachine (as well as a bunch of other folks too for the crowdsourcing assistance extraordinare)...

Yes that's right...We've managed to bring it back from the dead.

Because the so-called 'BC Federation of Parents' website against the BCTF, has been found in the Google-Cache:

Need background on the 'Federation' and all of it's 32 members? (the number was 30 when I first saw this screen pop up Sunday afternoon from what had been, essentially, a dead letter site before that)

Well, it starts here...

Then it gets weird, here...

Then the bizarrity begins, here....

And then it gets downright goofy,  here...

But none of that matters to any and all digital influencers as long as it gets proMedia play without any direct trackback to the Federation as happened on Global TeeVee this evening, right (that bit can be reached through the last link, above)?

Thanks to our old friend, and former Railgate digging machine, GAB, for the GoogleCache tip.
One last thing, and then I'm going to stop because this is starting to smell like the work an old nemesis that I once dealt with back in the old Railgate days...Turns out that there is a Twittmachine feed from the 'BC Parents Fed' with yet another monicker "Back To School"....Very little there...But sure was happy to retweet a certain 'Digital Influencer' when the media first bit on all of this earlier today...



Anonymous said...

Flash mob/website
Stir the pot just in time for 6 pm news and mirage /disappear?

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Mike Vancouver

"Dear CBC,

At the rally I witnessed the following: two middle aged Caucasian persons, a male and female, holding no protest signs, no children with them, and not particularly paying attention to the rally - leading this dissenting group from Richmond toward the crowd. They kept urging them on and as soon as conflict began the pair scattered into the crowd.

I can think of no other explanation for what I witnessed than the pair were political operatives.

The goal of this group and whoever orchestrated their efforts was to disrupt a parent-initiated rally in support of BC's public education system. They failed, but the media certainly aided them in their efforts by focussing on a tiny slice of the morning.

The group from Richmond are entitled to speak their voice, but bringing their dissenting opinion into the middle of a rally counter to their own views is simply wreck-less (or intentional action), not "democracy".

If what I witnessed is as it clearly seemed, then a political force - perhaps a provincial party or municipal party or school board candidates - is behind the disruption and that is a much bigger story than a disagreement held between a handful of parents from Richmond and more than a thousand others from all over Metro Vancouver."
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RossK said...



I believe that is Michael Watkins, who stated same on Twittmachine yesterday and helped us figure out the story behind the group's 'website'.


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Tom Tang

e.a.f. said...

so who were the two whites and who is Tom Tang, a new bar drink?