Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Keef Report....Post (Tentative) Teachers' Deal Edition.


(Short story so far...Tentative deal reached at 4am....No details yet...Ratification vote Thursday....If all goes well, school on Monday...)

The following came from the Keef late last night, just before Vince Ready (allegedly) put both sides in a headlock for the duration:


Was the good Mr. Baldrey trafficking in those 'rumours' that Ron Obvious hates so much...

Or is this really how it went down given that it would appear that there was no 'crunching'?



The Glimmer Twins did it!


Guess only time.

And the actual details will tell.

Meanwhile, Mike Watkins tells us, via the non-rumour division of the Twittmachine, that the Richmond Centre For Diversity played no active part in the website shenanigans of that 'counter protest' group that we tracked over the weekend... Mike did the digging (he contacted the RCD and heard back from their Executive Director directly) that the proMedia wouldn't, including the CBC, after they all bit and ran with 'shiny' story of the 'clash' between the group and teachers on Sunday...
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sd said...

Keef is on ch.21 giving DETAILS of the deal How can he know without a mole. Gives details on money and length of the contract. Why is he given this when neither side is not talking yet. B.S.!! On another note the knives might just be out for crusty within her own caucus. I say that because the Province posted a very critical article about her from A.G.T. on the front page. I bet she quits ala Sarin Palin before she is run out by the lieberals.

Anonymous said...

Look at front page of Province ,sept16th,and apply that to teachers lockout/strike.

Anonymous said...


Oh yes, W.C. Woo:


ps @sd She has served her purpose. De Jong's recent leadership impressions suggest that...

Anonymous said...

Somebody at RCD knows something.

The awful site was hosted on an RCD controlled site... there are some serious fingerprints for anyone who cares to look.

Not looking means actively supporting.