Sunday, September 21, 2014

This Weekend In Snookland...Some Funds Are More Equal Than Others.


The HuffPo had the story up first...

A group of teachers who bought tickets to B.C. Liberal fundraiser say they were rejected from attending after concerns about “security,” and that they were unwanted because the social event was not about politics...


...Some teachers decided to fundraise enough to buy a table so they could meet face-to-face with Bing, the Liberal MLA for and his caucus colleagues, Scott Susin told The Huffington Post B.C. in an email.

“We had no intention of being militant or crazy, or anything like that. That was part of our strategy also, to debunk that myth about teachers, and at the end of the day, engage in meaningful dialogue,” said Susin, a teacher from Mission.

Melanie Harris, another teacher who had planned to attend Bing's event, said, “Perhaps if we left the politics behind we could see each other as people and find some common ground.”


Looks like the Snooklandians can both run away and  hide.



Anonymous said...

I had noticed quite some time back. Christy Clark is very Harper like, in her behavior. Come to think of it, so was Gordon Campbell very Harper like.

Perhaps Christy would like a cushy job in the U.K. After all, Campbell got a cushy job in Britain. Seems to me, Nigel Wright is also in London.

e.a.f. said...

They'll all be very comfortable with David Cameron.

The lieberals don't want teachers at any event. They don't want teachers to be seen as any thing but greedy, crazy people, "out of touch with the "new reality" of life in B.C. today.

Unfortunately the lieberals could not stop the news from showing clips of teachers cleaning their classrooms for next week. Yes, teachers were actually cleaning, as in washing, using detergents, etc. It isn't in their job description, but to have the classes as good as they possibly, in as short a time as possible, they did the work themselves. How many of those lieberal MLAs would do the same?

I didn't even see any reports of anyone stepping up to the plate to help. All those parents who wanted their kids back in school, those parents from Richmond: its not a teacher's job to clean, but then it isn't their job to change the underwear of your grade 1 kids either, but they do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks e.a.f., I doubt if those "parents" even clean their own homes but hire someone else to do it for them.

Anonymous said...



Mid Island News @midislandnews · 1h

Y Unifor is ready to take over BCTF - & the secret hotel meeting that broke the BC teachers’ impasse #bcpoli #bced