Wednesday, September 17, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The Thanking.


From the beginning of a note from a teacher to our fine Premier, written yesterday:

Dear Christy,

Just wanted to send a quick thank you! Thank you so much for creating the conditions that injected new life into our democracy when your unethical actions galvanized citizens out of apathy. Many citizens have reacted as I imagine a spouse would when they discover that their partner has been cheating. They are enraged now that the scales of media obfuscation have been removed from their eyes and they have discovered what lies behind your smile...



This is one time when Ms. Clark really should just stop saying 'anything', particularly about historical agreements and great days and all of that, for a few days at least.

Because if she is not careful she really could inflame a whole lot of teachers who are having a hard time with the tentative deal which many feel is not what they fought for on either front.

I mean, I'm pretty sure all concerned, including the ideological wizards behind the curtain and, presumably, Ms. Clark (although who really knows) don't want a 'No' vote tomorrow.


And, in my opinion the teacher at the top is right...And, taking things one step further, it is also my opinion that the union has done all that it can to hold the line...And, so...If we want to move that line in the right direction it is we the citizenry who have to do our jobs now...At the ballot box.



Anonymous said...

I guess things are a little less tarfu in bc now.
Back to mines LNG bridges and quick wins etc.

sd said...

Not sure how I will vote because I haven't yet seen the entire deal, but you're absolutely right, crusty needs to STFU!

Anonymous said...



Dave said...

Surprisingly, some teachers are actually doing the arithmetic. Add little Miss Sparkle Pony's victory rhetoric to the mix and there will be much less than happy teachers voting on Thursday.

Anonymous said...

"Historic" deal ? Is it not true that teachers settled a 5 year deal back in 2006 ? I'm sure I read that somewhere. Could you please enlighten me.

Guy in Victoria

North Van's Grumps said...

2006: Carole Taylor offers one-time signing bonus of $3,700 per teacher for deal by June 30 for minimum four-year term. Teachers vote for strike, but sign deal hours before deadline, receiving a 16-per-cent salary increase over five years and a $4,000 signing bonus per teacher. For the first time since provincial collective bargaining, BCTF/BCPSEA conclude freely negotiated provincial collective agreement.

Vancouver Sun

Anonymous said...

Thanks NVG

And yes I read your Blog everyday... great articles.

Guy in Victoria

cfvua said...

And in other affordability news, minister of Everything Rich Coleman made a long enough stop up north to hand out yet another in a continuing string of $120 Million royalty credit gifts to non resident liberal friendly gas producers. Seems ironic that the travelling committee on finances was in town the same day. He must be trying to keep the sheep in the fold so to speak after a couple bad news stories regarding export gas royalty(tax) decision delays.