Sunday, September 14, 2014

Where Did Vision Vancouver Get All It's New Twittmachine Followers?....(UPDATED).



Update: Sunday Afternoon Sept 14/14....Vision is claiming all the phony followers came their way due to a Spam Attack...

Working journalist and amateur blogger (you can be both without being labelled an idiot?) Justin McElroy has done the long and laborious digging on a Sasamat Saturday night.

And what he found is not pretty for the vainglorious folks doing the wizard work over at VV:

....4194 ('new') followers in....Yep. Permanently at (the same) 36 (common followers for most accounts). What’s perplexing is how blatant the fakeness of these followers is. There are so many duplicate pictures that some have been used 10 or 15 times by this point. And there is not a real person to be found. If you’re going to add 13,000 fake followers (not that I’m suggesting such a thing), you think you would do so in intervals, so there would be some variation between real people and fakes...

Can't imagine that, say, Andrea Reimer approves.

It's actually quite fascinating how Mr. McIlroy did the spadework...And it's a good read, with all kinds of digressions, snark, and deep background too boot...The kid's good...Too bad he's jumped from linear type to the TeeVee in real life.



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I think the same could be said of the WaPo 'wonkblogs' themselves ever since the actual 'Wonkette' herself left for greener pastures.