Thursday, September 11, 2014

Quick Wins Resurrection Shuffle...Day 3.


We are now moving into our third day since a former and a current BC Liberal stalwart were charged with alleged transgressions the election act. 

And, as of yet, there is still only one major proMedia story that has dealt seriously with the Whistleblower in the case.

Otherwise, it has been pretty much crickets from Lotusland's most prominent, not to mention established and credible, club members.

Fortunately, that single story is a good one, from Cassidy Olivier in The Province, because it includes both an interview with the Whistleblower and a retrospective to give the thing the context required.

Here is part of that context:

...On June 11, 2013, almost a month to the day that the B.C. Liberal government won a surprise fourth term in office, the provincial government posted more than 10,000 pages of documents related to John Dyble’s investigation into the ethnic outreach plan.

Within the info dump is an email, dated Sept. 18, 2012, that suggests someone within government had offered some kind of inducement to silence a former employee. The so-called mystery woman is later identified as Sepideh Sarrafpour, a former government liaison contractor and one-time honorary liaison to ex-multiculturalism minister Harry Bloy...

And here is the relevant passage from that Email, written by the 'former' BC Liberal Party stalwart mentioned above, as noted by Bob Mackin in his Tyee piece today:

..."Have [MLA] Harry Bloy meet with her and explain how doing anything would damage the Premier and the party. Have him say how he will try to find her work and get her back involved... If need be, offer x dollars per month to do non public work up to election [developing her database of potential supporters]."...

Nothing to see, or report, or write, or make a fuss about here.

No siree.

Oh, and....For the record (which some enterprising proMedia personage might wish to re-visit before she sails off to India for the court date)....In the wake of the Email's release last year our fine Premier stood on the steps of the legislature said that the proposed 'inducement' to prevent 'damage' to the her and hers was never acted upon...
Finally, do not forget that all of these machinations were going on BEFORE the last general election...Which would be the one that those one of those very finest of the finely established in the proMedia just wishes that we, the great unwashed, would just stop concerning ourselves with their most excellent role in....Or some such thing...



North Van's Grumps said...

Were Bonney and Robertson operating out of their Mainland Communications company in New Westminster when they inserted themselves, with MLA Harry Bloy's assistance, "to deal with" a possible Quick Win situation using Burnaby Hospital's 473 cases of C. difficile in less than three years, and 84 of those patients, died.

Quick Win vote via Burnaby Hospital:

"The leaked documents suggest another motive for the committee. In particular, the NDP is pointing to a three-page letter from December of last year signed by Gardner; Brian Bonney, a government communications director; and Mark Robertson, who currently works for the Liberal party." -

Bonney and Robertson are two time offenders (Not Proven in Court)

Lew said...

Here's a quote from an Alex Tsakumis story on Christy Clark's BC Liberal leadership campaign:

"Even Harry Bloy’s government constituency office was used as an outpost of the Clark campaign. Said one source on Saturday night last, "I know for a fact, I saw it with my own eyes, they were copying memberships and making calls. Constituency work was at a bare minimum. If we weren’t moving things along, we knew we’d probably get fired. Look what’s happening now…some of the people who know what was going on are being cut so that nothing leaks, but I don’t care anymore. I’m not proud of what I did, I hope you’ll remember that when you write the story."

Hopefully the special prosecutor is looking into this aspect as well.