Thursday, September 18, 2014

Teachers I Have Known...Mr. H.


Mr. H. was my Grade 12 biology teacher.

I honestly remember very little about what he taught us, which is weird given that I am now a card carrying cell biologist who does a little teaching on the side.

But I do remember how inspiring he was and how he could hold everybody's rapt attention, so much so that his classes were ones you DIDN'T want to end, even during the last period of sunny afternoons. 

I also remember his abiding sense of fairnness, which is a big deal when you are in highschool.

Anyway, Mr. H. was one of the few teachers I kept in touch with after I moved on to other things (I really wish I'd done more of that - I love it when I hear from the kids I've taught).

One of my proudest moments was when I sent him a paper I wrote, twenty years ago now, that helped, in a small way, start a field in the cell biological world called 'mechanotransduction'.

Good luck with your voting today teachers, no matter which way it goes!



scotty on denman said...

What is actinic about "filamentous actin localization"?

RossK said...


Oh boy...

Do you really, really want to know?


scotty on denman said...

I had to look it up reading a Wallace Stegner novel wherein I think he used it to mean 'ray-like'; anyways, that made contextual sense.

I read your paper and, uh, think I'll take a pass on the 'really, really want to know?'...though I'm sure it's very, very interesting. Thanx anyway.

RossK said...

Fair enough Scotty...thanks.