Tuesday, September 09, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Her Bonney Lies Over The Ocean.


Yesterday we learned that former BC Liberal government staffer Mr. Brian Bonney has been charged, together with an associate, Mr. Mark Robertson (who is reportedly currently a BC Liberal party staffer), under section 263 of the Election Act with the following:

The court date has been set for Oct 14th.

And where will our fine Premier be on that day?

Why, India, of course.

And when did we learn of her big trip across the big ocean?

Why, also yesterday, of course.


And if Ms. Sarrafpour's name rings a bell, re: 'Quick Wins!', it should...Because, well....You know...
Our thanks to reader 'Guy In Victoria' for the heads-up on the Premier's sudden announcement of her latest most excellent Transoceanic Adventure.
We also thank Bob Mackin for posting-up the charges, verbatim...Uncle Bob also has an excellent piece up at The Tyee with the most background by far...



sd said...

I'm sure she'll be touting our excellent roofing skills,education funding, mining safety standards, signing a big LNG contract and promoting a B.C. taxpayer funded multimillion dollar Bollywood extravaganza.Of course the later will not happen until just before the next election.

Anonymous said...

Yes our premier runs and hides from the Susan Griffin hearing, the quick wins hearing and the fall legislature sitting. Were the hell is the leadership in this province.

Anonymous said...

there is none?

Anonymous said...

Also BC fall sitting in leg starts October 6?

Anonymous said...

The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are, Harper's satellite party. Christy is pulling a Harper. If you recall? BC had no sitting for Legislature, since Christy's so called election win. Harper and Christy prorogued Legislature and Parliament, at nearly the same time.

Harper, Campbell and Christy either prorogued or left the country, when they don't want to face the music.

Recall: Campbell sniveling and whinging regarding, his drunk driving charge? He was on TV bawling his eyes out, begging for BC peoples forgiveness. We were stupid enough to forgive Campbell and then, he kicked the very people who forgave him, right in their faces.

So it is, run Bambi run, for Christy as well. No surprise here.