Saturday, March 07, 2009

Everybody Relax.......


...Because Wally Has Spoken.

And everything is going to be alright:



For Immediate Release


March 6, 2009

Ministry of Attorney General


VICTORIA – Attorney General Wally Oppal is reminding British Columbians to move their clocks forward by one hour this weekend, as daylight saving time resumes Sunday, March 8.

An exception is the Peace River region, which does not observe daylight saving time. The East Kootenay region observes mountain time, and they will continue to synchronize their clocks with Alberta.

B.C.’s Interpretation Act regulations were amended in 2007 to change the dates on which the province observes daylight saving time to three weeks earlier in spring and one week later in fall.

Oppal is responsible for the act, which includes reference to time and is the authority under which daylight saving time is prescribed in British Columbia.

Daylight saving time will end Sunday, Nov. 1.


What's that you say?

Not quite the kind of block-buster uber alles initiative you were looking for to end the nightly offensives in the drug-fueled gang wars that have turned Lotusland's streets into killing fields?

Well, maybe you just have change your perspective on things.

After all, with this new initiative (that only comes once every spring), you will now receive a whole extra hour to walk the dog and or collect the kids from the park before you have to get the heckfire off the streets and behind closed (and lock and armor-piercing-bullet-protected) doors before darkness falls and the gunshots begin again.

Brilliant Mr. Oppal.

Just brilliant.

And who cares about Nov. 1 because the election will be long done gone by then....
In unrelated news, the Railgate 8000 binders are up, all fifteen of them. Ooooohhhhh boy, I've got me some reading to do.


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