Thursday, March 12, 2009

RailGate Bonus Bucks, Part Deux.....Kinsella Speaks!


And, according to the Thurs Mar 12, 2008 7:00pm CKNW newscast, the Progressive Group, which is owned, in whole or in part, by BC Liberal Party insider Mr. Patrick Kinsella, has released a statement indicating that it was hired by BC Rail to:

'Understand the Campbell (BC Liberal) government's core review of BC Rail operations....'

Now, don't forget this was all happening during the run-up to the sell-off (ie. death) of BCR.

Imagine that!

Update: Because I can't find the Rainmaker's actual 'statement' anywhere, belo is CKNW's Sean Leslie's report on it, in full, for the record....

CKNW, Mar 03, 2009: After days of NDP questions in the legislature, top BC Liberal Patrick Kinsella has now issued a statement about what his company did to earn $300,000 from BC Rail from 2002 to 2005.

The statement released by Kinsella's company The Progressive Group says it was hired by BC Rail to understand and interpret the Campbell government's core review of the railway, and to understand its potential impact on the railway's operations and strategic plans.

In its first term, the Campbell government launched core reviews of all government and crown operations, a process that lead to thousands of layoffs and the eventual sale of BC Rail's freight operations to CN Rail.

Attorney-General Wally Oppal has refused to answer any questions about the payments saying the issue is before the courts, although it remains unclear how Kinsella's contract might be related to the court proceedings stemming from the police raid on the legislature.


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