Friday, March 27, 2009

The RailGate Real Stuff.....Who's Seen It?


....It Was A Nice Place. They Were Principled People, Generally....

"(T)here are a hundred or more people wandering around Washington today who have heard 'the real stuff', as they put it - and despite their professional caution when the obvious question arises, there is one reaction they all feel free to agree on: that nobody who felt shocked, depressed or angry after reading the edited (Nixon) White House Transcripts should ever be allowed to hear the actual (Watergate) tapes, except under heavy sedation or locked in the trunk of a car. Only a terminal cynic, they say, can listen for any length of time to the real stuff without feeling a compulsion to do something like drive down to the White House and throw a bag of live rats over the fence."
Fear and Loathing In Washington: The Boys In The Bag
Hunter S. Thompson, RS #164, July 4, 1974

So, in the case of British Columbia's RailGate we, the great unwashed, have apparently gotten a little peek at the teeniest, tiniest bit of the 'real stuff' the past few weeks.

Which got me to wondering....

Who's seen it all?

Or even a good chunk of it.

Especially the early stuff, back in the days when the accused were still ruling the roost, and all the old cabinet gang was there too.

And that has me wondering the following even more....

Have any of those that have seen the real stuff ever thought about stepping up and showing it to the rest of us?

(and/or playing us the audio)



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