Tuesday, March 10, 2009

RailGate 8000: The Attack Of The Cyber Plumbers?



Please see UPDATE at bottom of post

It's a question being raised by Paul Willcocks as a result of his sifting through Binder #5:

So, we knew the government’s intelligence-gathering efforts are substantial.

But how did e-mails between former premier Paul Ramsey, ex-Liberal leader and later New Democrat Gordon Wilson and defeated NDP backbencher Helmut Giesbrecht end up in finance ministry files? Wilson was replaced as Liberal leader by Gordon Campbell; Ramsey represented a Prince George riding until 2001, and Giesbrecht represented Skeena until 2001.

Assuming the trio were not keen on telegraphing their plans to attack the sale of B.C. Rail, how did the Liberals get their hands on the 2003 e-mail exchange?

A mole in their midst? Carelessness?


Maybe only the Shadow?


G. Gordon Liddy really knows?

All joking aside, the E-mails themselves make for interesting reading, if only because they make a pretty strong case for it being common knowledge that there was likely only one legitimate 'suitor/bidder' left in the running as early as July 2003*.

*Hint: It appears to be all in the tax breaks.....
UPDATE: Looks like there might have been a whole lotta deflector plumbing going down.....Paul Willcocks has contacted Mr. Ramsey who has stated, apparently quite emphatically , that he never saw, read, or wrote any of those Emails (and more).....Details are at Paul W's place.


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