Friday, March 13, 2009

RaiGate Review-O-Rama....The Limited Hangout



Update: Ledgie Boys and The Watercarrier Blow-By-Blow At Bottom Of Page

So, what is BC Liberal Party Rainmaker-In-Chief, Patrick Kinsella's, statement that he and his 'Group' were paid $300,000 to oversee the impending death* of B.C. Rail really all about (Alfie)?

Well, here is what I had to say on the comment thread to Andrew MacLeod's latest piece on the matter at The Tyee:

"I figure this action is actually a limited hangout that was timed to come as soon as something popped out in court.

This way Mr. Campbell and his General-in-charge-of-Masonary can now use the double-stuffed stone walled response of 'it's before the courts!' and 'Mr Kinsella has made it clear that everything was legit'.

As such, what happens next all hinges, I think, on whether or not the proMedia biggies have it in 'em to go "all-deck-all-the-time" for a couple of weeks straight.

Clearly, Mr. Campbell and friends are betting they don't.

Have it in them, I mean.

Alternatively, there is always the possibility that The Rainmaker's history of highly promiscuous consulting could lead to further revelations down the tracks...errrr...road. If that happens I reckon all bets are off."

*a.k.a....explaining what his Capo's Core Review really meant to BC Rail executives and or mailroom personnel
And we should get an idea of whether or not the Biggies have it in 'em when the Ledgie Boys wax trivial on the Watercarrier this morning.....Report on that to come.
LedgieBoy/Watercarrier Update, 9:15am.....three stories in....still NO 'Hands-On-The-Rainmaker's-$300,000 deck....
LedgieBoy/Watercarrier Update II, 9:30pm....A caller asks about BC Rail re: the Oct 01, 2003 decision date....Ledgie Boys obfuscate....still no Hands-On-The-Rainmaker's Deck.
Update III - Another caller finally raises the Rainmaker's Deck.....Palmer does make hay, briefly, before Baldrey kicks in to make the case that it probably won't ultimately stick because it's all just too complicated (even for cultists?)....Watercarrier then immediately changes subject back to 'Recognition act' .....Baldrey chimes rightin on that one too and they're done...So, there you have it....They've spun themselves....High fives all 'round in Room KarenValentine-Plus-One right about now, I figure....


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