Friday, March 27, 2009

RailGate Gets Good.....The Wisdom(?) Of Mr. Bill


Because of science geek commitments, I missed the 'Cutting Edge of The Ledge' with Keith Baldrey, Vaughn Palmer and Bill Good on the (no-longer-so)Giant98 this morning.

From what I've read, I didn't miss much.

However, I did hear a considerable portion of the segment immediately preceeding in which the Goodship Watercarrier interviewed NDP MLA Leonard Krog on yesterday's RailGate Bombshells.

At first I thought Mr. Good was just playing dumb and/or rhetorical.

But then he said something that struck me dumber.

Which was, essentially (paraphrasing)...

"Nobody really cares, especially the public. After all, the sale of BC Rail was in 2003 and we've had an election since then so, clearly, the public is fine with it."


You may be able to imagine the blue streak of extremely percussive screams that came flying out of my mouth just before I lost my hearing completely and went dumbest.

But now that it's a few hours and a couple of meetings later, I've actually regained a modicum of control over my vestibulocochlear nerve pathways and brainstem functions. As such, I can now almost formulate a coherent response to the good Mr. Good....

Which is to point out the fact that Richard Nixon was re-elected AFTER the Watergate break-in was already fully in view for all to see.

However, it was not until a free and vigilent press, driven into a competitive frenzy after their gongs were beaten repeatedly by a couple of young punks named Wood-Stein, went to work and dug up the real facts of the story that had been carefully hidden behind the masssive stone walls erected by Attorney General Wally Opp........errrr......John Mitchell that the public became righteously enraged and Mr. Nixon, he who was so twisted, as Hunter Thompson once famously said, that he "had to screw his pants on every morning", was finally hounded from office.

In other words, do you not understand that one of the major reasons that the body politic doesn't care about issues that actually affect them is because of press poodle people?

Press poodle people like you.



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