Thursday, March 12, 2009

RailGate River Ride......Watch Out For The Potholes!


Our good, good friend Mary, who runs the invaluable BC Legislature Raids website, is a little under the weather today and thus off-line.

So.....As a public/temporary archiving service, we're stepping into the breech to bring you the following item of interest, published, un-bylined, in this morning's Sooke News-Mirror*:

David Basi, the former ministerial aide to former Finance Minister Gary Collins, will be making his first B.C. Supreme Court appearance on April 1.

He was committed to trial on March 11. Basi is charged with breach of trust in connection with removal of Sunriver Estates lands from the Agricultural Land Reserve. The Sunriver property is owned by Shambrook Hills Development Corp. and encompasses 155 hectares of land.

In July, 2008, Sunriver builders Anthony Ralph Young and James Seymour Duncan were ordered to stand trial in B.C. Supreme Court for breach of trust and bribery of a government official. Court documents indicate the Crown is alleging Young and Duncan paid Basi $50,000 in attempts to remove lands from the ALR. The charges came following a December 2003 raid on the B.C. Legislature prompted by a drug probe....


Wonder who's going to be paying defence costs for this trial?

*Thanks also to 'igetit' one of Mary's frequent commenters, for the tip.
Morning apparatchuk update for Thurs Mar 12, =7;;


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