Thursday, March 26, 2009

With Friends Like These.....

....Who Needs Third Party Advertisers?

Sean Holman
, at your independent source for news matters that actually matter, Public Eye, has the story behind the cover story (part deux). Here's his lede:

The latest edition of BCBusiness Magazine features a softball interview with Gordon Campbell by publisher Peter Legge. But was it editorial judgment or political favoritism that put the premier on the magazine's cover? After all, four months before the last election, Mr. Legge - who has made $7,000 in personal and corporate contributions to the Liberals since 2005 - did the same thing, distributing 400 copies of the magazine at a fundraiser for the party's Burnaby constituency associations.

At the time, Mr. Legge told Public Eye, "A"s an independent business guy, we need a B.C. Liberal government to continue in power for the next term of office. So I am doing my part, as a businessman. So, if I can put the premier on the cover of (BCBusiness Magazine), I will do that.".....

For the record, here's the link to Mr. Legge's interview (and the comments are most informative too - clearly the good folks from Room 222 + 1 have not yet arrived) .
Mr. Holman's most informative follow-up is here.
In unrelated news that could, however, be somewhat disconcerting to the CoverBoi, rumour and/or press release has it that the specifics of a (way past core review) 2004 Email exchange between BC Rail execs wherein they discuss the reasons, and/or lack thereof, for payments made to a certain consultant may be released in open court today.
Meanwhile.....the MaceMan cometh, chuggin' on down the tracks.


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