Wednesday, March 11, 2009

RailGate8000.......The Yuile Files


Laila Yuile has her first report on the 8000 pages of RailGate material that was released by the court to the NDP last week.

It's good, and she even has pictures!

And we really like the fact that she focussed on the notebooks of the Director of the Crown Agencies Secretariat at the time the deal went down:

".....Yvettee Wells was the Executive Director of the Crown Agencies Secretariat at the time of the sale. The Secretariat is responsible for the accountability of crown corporations, so keeping that in mind, it could be said that she was basically the person to oversee the accountability of the entire BC Rail sale in her position. She would very much have been the “go-to” person of preference to reference anything to do with the ongoing negotiations.

” dilema :

- don’t want to mislead other bidders

- don’t want to tell them CN are getting other info - don’t want them to do work, spend $

- don’t want them to drop out b/c if can’t resolve issues- we may go back to other bidders.

- CN got data from CIBC that they shouldn’t “

October 22, 2003 notes.


Kind of hard to explain that away, now isn’t it? Remember- this was coming from someone who was in charge of accountability and governance of crown corporations.

In fact, many of her copious and detailed notes back up the accusations voiced by other bidders in reference to an unfair bidding process. Don’t take my word for it though, check it out for yourself .

Important dates in her notebook ?

September 4, September 11, September 25, September 29, October 2, and October 22 -all 2003

Her notebooks are available online in PDF format here:"


Go read Laila's entire report.

It really is Eyewitness News you can use.



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