Tuesday, March 31, 2009

RailGate Reality Check....Who, Exactly, Is Really Being Specious Here?


After yesterday's Question Period in the BC Legislature, the Parliamentary Press Gallery showed no signs of poodlery whatsoever when some its members went after Attorney General Wally Oppal for his continued stonewalling on all things RailGate (and beyond).

It was a very interesting scrum, for all kinds of reasons.

But one thing that has not been discussed in any detail is how Mr. Oppal cut and really ran (quite literally) for cover when folks in the press gallery started to poke what appeared to be a hole in his 'legal' argument:

Oppal (pushing into the media scrum): If I as the Attorney General, a former judge, comments on what goes on in the courtroom, there's every possibility that will result in an unfair trial.

Minder (for the 2nd time): Thank-you everybody.......

Media (Gary Mason?): With judge alone (ie. no jury)?

Oppal (still pushing into scrum): Absolutely....You made that point...Absolutely it does, because it affects the integrity of the court because she (ie. the judge) can make a decision that is (wagging finger in face of media) contrary to what I say..... that impacts on the credibility of the court......(so) that's a specious argument....

Media: No, no. I think you know, as a former judge (Oppal turns), that the rules on this have changed (Oppal starts to go the other way).... quite a bit.

Oppal (high-tailing it down the hallway away from media scrum with minder at his back): Thanks for the legal (unintelligible/advice?)........

Specious, indeed, Mr. Oppal.

Specious indeed.


For the record, below is Sean Holman's reader-supported video footage of the exchange (and make sure you go to check out all of Public Eye T.V.'s hallway scrum archives, which are worth their weight in gold and/or Paypal accounts, here.....)


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