Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Railgate 8000 - Coming Soon To A PDF Near You!


One of the things that dismayed us most about the release of the 8000 pages of Railgate info to the NDP by the court last week was the fact that those pages weren't immediately made available to everyone in British Columbia to pour over.

Well, in another direct, "go-to-the-Pols-and-let-them-tell-their-own-story (or not)", interview Sean Holman brings us this, from the 'Releaser-in-Chief' Leonard Krog.....

Another fabulous example of why I'm so glad I sent Sean money. I mean, who even needs the BellGlobeCTVTSNRDSCBCCanWestGlobalA-Channel Media anyway*?
*Print divisions (mostly) excepted, of course.
Direct Link to all of PublicEye TeeVee's interviews is here (and soon to be on sidebar)


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