Thursday, March 12, 2009

RailGate Stone Wally'ed......Again.


Regarding B.C. Attorney Wally Oppal's latest round of stonewalling, this time pertaining to the matter of $297,000 paid to companies controlled to BC Liberal Rainmaker Patrick Kinsella, the folks with the big proMedia sticks have started to pay attention.

Including Vaughn Palmer, whose newspaper, the Vancouver Sun, rushed his Sunday column into pixels 4 days ahead of time this morning so that he could say this:

....So could Oppal at least find out whether the Kinsella contract was, in fact, a matter before the courts?

"No I'm not going to find out."


"It's not my job to find out. That's something that you people should do."

But every member of the government has referred all questions to the attorney-general and he was refusing to say. Still, presuming we could find out that there's no connection to the court case, would Oppal then begin to provide some answers?

"I'm not going to speculate on what you may or may not do."

One last question and this time let's follow the money. What was the $297,000 for?

"I don't know what the $297,000 is for and it is not my business."

Doesn't know. Won't try to find out. Willing to stand there day after day and say nothing. Which makes him the perfect foil to provide cover for the premier in this political embarrassment.

Foil, shmoil.

Who cares about all that Mr. Palmer, especially given the quote, bolded, in red, above.

Instead, why don't you throw StoneWally a head-fake and go right to the main man.

You know, the guy who actually runs the show and who, on Tuesday, said that he's 'already answered those questions' about Mr. Kinsella and BC Rail.

Oh ya, where?

And when?

And about what?

That's three of the 5 W's.....We figure you still know the other two.



And for those that want to see the Wall of Perfect Foil, tin or otherwise, in action responding to Mr. Palmer and Sean Holman et al*, Public Eye TeeVee has the whole story (and the bolded quote)......

*And you'll also get to see who asked the question that led to the money quote......One interesting little tidbit that is interesting near the end of the video clip above is how Mr. Oppal ignores the minder who tries to cut things off.....gotta give him that.


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