Sunday, March 08, 2009

RailGate 8000.....Binder Number Three



So he's not exactly an amateur like the rest of us.

But still, he sounded the call to arms.

And now, Paul Willcocks, after reading all of the third of fifteen binders that make up the 8000 pages of RailGate material released by the court last week, has this to tell us:

"Having slogged through Binder 3, I note that Vaughn Palmer certainly makes people in government nervous.

And that taxpayers are, apparently, picking up the spectacular legal expenses for Dave Basi and Bob Virk. Documents in the binder say the deputy minister of finance and the deputy attorney general approved the indemnity in July 2005.

Taxpayers would pick up the tab for legal costs "in criminal procedures against them arising from conduct that was in the course of their employment as ministerial assistants." The reasons, offered in a briefing note, have been kept secret."


Those reasons.

Wonder if they had anything to do with a little thing some have suggested could be called "A Quid Pro Bro".


Meanwhile, I'm slogging through Binder # 8....


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