Wednesday, March 11, 2009

RailGate Retreat......They Don't Call It 'Answer' Period


So, the question of 'What did Patrick Kinsella do to receive $297,000 dollars, untendered, from BC Rail between 2002 and 2005?' went unanswered (again) in the BC Legislature today.


Because Attorney General Wally Oppal continues to assert that the matter is before the courts and, therefore, he will not answer the question.

Furthermore, he won't let anyone else from the current BC Government answer either, including Premier Gordon Campbell or Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon.

The no-answer exchanges that took place during Question Period today, March 11, 2009, can be found here (just type 'Kinsella' into the search box in your browser to get to the start of the exchange).

Here's our favorite bit:

J. Horgan: My question is a simple one to the Premier of the most so-called open government in British Columbia's history. How can it be that a close personal friend and campaign manager can get $300,000 from the government of B.C. and we're not allowed to know what he did? Can the Premier please explain to me, my constituents, everyone in this place how it's possible that it's none of our damn business?


Mr. Speaker: Members.

Hon. W. Oppal: Right now there's a trial proceeding in the Supreme Court of British Columbia, and in the circumstances, it would be improper for anyone in this House to comment on any matter that arises either directly or indirectly from that trial.

All of which leaves us wondering the following (again).....

Is Mr. Oppal suggesting that Mr. Kinsella and/or Mr. Kinsella's consulting company is involved, either directly or indirectly, in the RailGate trial?

Or, more broadly, is Mr. Oppal suggesting that the BC Rail sale to CN Rail is involved?

Or, more even broadly, is Mr. Oppal suggesting that BC Rail or CN Rail themselves are involved?

Or, most broadly, is Mr. Oppal suggesting that anything associated with any Railway anywhere in the Western World is involved?


Is Mr. Oppal really suggesting that Codswallop = A Separation of Powers?


Mr. Oppal would never suggest something like that.

Would he?

You can watch the entire exchange here, beginning at the 44 minute mark.



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