Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tubez, Tubez.....Everywhere!


Just got out of a grant panel meeting in NewCleveland (ie. Toronto), and boy are things grim out here in the Rust Belt.

Because everything is contracting.

Except, of course. the Tubez.

In fact, to save a little money for the group I was working for today, I decided begin my trip home by taking the shuttle, rather than a cab, back out to the giant cigar-tube parking lot (ie. Pearson International Airport).

As a result, at this very moment (ie. 5:41pm Wednesday) I'm sitting in the bus....during rush-hour..... creepy-crawly traffic that is inch-worming its way along the Gardiner (not-so)Expressway....

And I'm writing this using the bus' very own toobular infrastructure pixel transponder.

Who'd a thunk it, eh?

Please note: Today's grant panel is not in anyway associated with gov't funding agencies for science-based research that Alan Bernstein wrote about yesterday in the Globe. Thus, nobody can blame Little Steven for this one; folks just don't have as much extra cash lying around to donate to private fundraising groups right now.....


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