Thursday, March 26, 2009

RailGate Gone Wild....Was There Really A Lib-Connected Linchpin?



There have been all kinds of speculative statements today from columnists, legislators and lawyers that BC Premier Mr. Gordon Campbell's former campaign manager was working for both BC Rail and CN Rail around the time that the former was long-term leased (ie. not sold!) to the latter in late 2003.

But what is the actual evidence that such a simultaneous duality was really going on?

Well, for that, we look to the citizenry's Eye-Witness-In-Chief on all things Railgate-related, Mr. Robin Mathews.

The following is a passage, posted at our good friend Mary's, from Mr. Mathews that deals with a period in spring of 2004 when the actual 'deal' was apparently in jeopardy:

....The Discovery package of documents, (RailGate defence lawyer Kevin) McCullough said, from the Crown for 2003, apparently showed Kinsella identified as a political advisor to the CN. Between 2002 and 2005, however, we know he was employed by BC Rail.

The "problem" arose, apparently, because - without consulting CN - Gordon Campbell made a television appearance in which he attempted to placate the Northern B.C. population about the deal with CN. In the presentation, Campbell apparently stated that the rail track was not in the sale. CN was alarmed because they would lose money, tax advantages and rail scheduling opportunities if that were so. Kinsella, McCullough alleged, was at that time the point man for CN.....

So, again, at this point there would appear to be court documents which have led the RailGate defence team to allege that Mr. Kinsella was "a political advisor to (the) CN" and "the point man for CN" while he was apparently also being paid by BC Rail during the period when the deal was being consumated.

But what about this linchpin thing?

Well, here is what another RailGate defence lawyer, Michael Bolton, said OUTSIDE the courtroom today, as quoted by the VSun's Neal Hall:

...."What we have right now indicates to us that Mr. Kinsella appears to have been a very pivotal person in the entire BC Rail transaction, and we have very, very, little documentation of what he was doing." he explained to reporters.

"There is material referred to in court today that indicates he was engaged in some work for BC Rail and doing work at the same time for CN."...

Clearly, the only way we're truly going to know what really went down is if somebody, or some group, is able to follow the money.

And I'm talking about the ALL of the money, not just a few thousand here or there that may, or may not, have been tossed around to win friends and influence uncles.

In my opinion the only way to do that is to get rid of all of this silly secrecy/bankers' privilege garbage by holding a wide-ranging, no-holds-barred public inquiry.

Which sure would make a great campaign promise right about now don't you think?


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