Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The RailGate 8000.....This Time It's Personal


If you are someone who has been paying attention to the never ending preliminary hearings associated with the run-up to the BC Rail trial you are probably quite used to being met with indifference, mild derision, or even being told that you belong to some sort of nutty 'cult'.

But what you are likely not used to is true meanness and utter venality.

Which are two things that have suddenly started popping up on the comment threads over at Bill Tieleman's place.

Stuff like this:

The tragedy of this, and Bill, you know this better than anyone, is that NO ONE CARES.

Everyone knows you are a political hack, thats why no one takes you seriously in the journalist community.

If you had an ounce of integrity your hard work might get some play outside your sh*tty column in 24 hrs. Instead, your just the sweaty fat guy always yelling about BC Rail.

Hey Bill, did you get the memo its the year two thousand and f**king nine? People have other things on their minds.

All of which has us wondering if the RailGate 8000 actually has some folks a tad worried that people might actually pay enough attention to what's in those 15 binders that the proMedia in this province may wake-up and start asking a few serious questions about the $127,000 string of patio lanterns hanging out on a certain political party's metaphorical back deck.


Sure hope none of those worrywart trolls spend their days toiling under a bridge just inside a room marked '223'.

What's that I hear? Could it be one of those proMedia alarm clocks going off?
BTW, for anybody interested in the so-called 'Fairness Report'
whose conclusions have been questioned by some recently, a copy can be found, via the wayback machine, here (careful, pdf).


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